Modifications(Performance to Cosmetic)

Flight Shop STC'd and PMA parts

Cabin and Baggage Door Struts, Master Warning System, Wing Tip Lens, Engine and Heater Ducts, Seal Kits, etc.

New and Improved Cabin Door Cables

ALL Machen and Aerostar Aircraft and kits.

Superstar Upgrades, Intercoolers, Inconel Exhaust System, Brake Upgrades, Auxiliary Fuel Tank, and many, many more.

Precise Flight - Pulse Light Kit - Be sure you're being seen.

Insight Instruments - Graphic Engine Motors These instruments will help you better monitor every cylinder per engine.

Spoilers Inc. - Power Pac Spoilers Spoilers will help in times when you have to make a quick descent without needing to shock cool the engines.

De-Ice Boot Kit If you plan on traveling through icy weather you may want to consider having your plane equipped with de-ice boots. Other known icing equipment also available from Aerostar Aircraft. (extended lead time may apply.)