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All fasteners including adhesives are sold individually except when ordered in a kit. No minimum order required. Prices and immediate availability are subject to change without prior notice. Extended lead times may apply on some special order items.

General Aviation / Industrial / Commercial
Category Products
Bushings 3
Nutplates 6
Standoffs 3
Studs 3
Grommets 1

Adhesives and Adhesives Kits
Category Products
Adhesive Cartridges/Kits 13
Adhesive Dispensers 1
Adhesive Mixing Tips 1

Adhesives/Kit Quick Reference Chart
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Category Products
Replaceable Element Nutplates 15
Composite Base Nutplates 5
Miniature Nutplates 3
Sealed Nutplates 9
Sleeved Nutplates 3
Flex™ (Fatigue Life Extension) Cold-Work Nutplates 8
Quarter Turn Receptacle 1

Category Products
Metallic Base Studs 7
Composite Base Studs 7
Accessories 2

Category Products
Metallic Base Standoffs 7
Composite Base Standoffs 7
Accessories 2

Mounts / Cable Ties
Category Products
Pinch Mounts™ Threaded Mounts 2
Threaded Mounts 3
Cable Tie Mounts 10
Cable Ties 3
Insulation Blanket Mounts 7
Other Mounts 6
Pin Insulation Mount 1
Accessories 3

Bushings / Inserts
Category Products
Bushings 11
Inserts 3

Click Patch™
Category Products
Click Patch™ 5

Tools and Accessories
Category Products
Tools and Accessories 13